Edital Newton Fund/Confap/Fapeal Nº 12/2016 – The UK Academies

Descrição: Fellowships, Research Mobility, and Young Investigator Awards for UK researchers in Brazil

The call offers support for researchers in the UK through:
a) Fellowships;
b) Research Mobility Grants, and,
c) In the case of UK young researchers aiming at working in universities and research institutes in the State of São Paulo, Brazil, this call also offer the opportunity of Young Investigator Grants comprising a scholarship plus a research funding grant.

These awards offer an opportunity for the UK researcher to develop the strengths and capabilities of their research groups through training, collaboration and reciprocal visits with a partner in some of the best research groups in the Brazil.

Programa: Cooperação Internacional – Confap

Prazo de envio de submissões:
The third round opens on August 15th, 2016 for applications and will close on October 24rd, 2016 at 12.00 midday Brasília Time.

Arquivos Anexos

The Young Investigator Award is open only for FAPESP applicants.

For UK researchers aiming at receiving support from FAPs outside the state of São Paulo, the following criteria apply:

a) The applicants must hold a PhD degree:
a.1) Young researchers are considered to hold a PhD degree from 2 years to 7 years.
a.2) Senior researchers must hold a PhD degree for over 7 years.
b) The applicants must have a Brazilian-based collaborator as their co-applicant (host researcher).
c) The applicants must hold a permanent academic post or postdoctoral fellowship/position in the UK which extends beyond the period of the requested grant;
d) UK researchers from the natural sciences, engineering, medical sciences (including clinical or patient-oriented research), social sciences and humanities fields, are eligible to apply for support.
e) For submissions to FAPESP the additional criteria hold, according to the type of support aimed at.

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